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I am a visiting student who has just filled out the Registration Inquiry Form. How long after I've filled it out should I expect to receive my RUID?Expand

It may take up to 3 business days for you to receive your RUID. If you have not received your RUD within 3 business days, please email wsru@docs.rutgers.edu

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May I take a winter course if I am a first year student?Expand

Rutgers first-year students are not permitted to self-register for Winter Session classes. First-year students may request permission from their academic advisor and/or dean to take courses during Winter Session.

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How will I know if class is canceled due to inclement weather?Expand

Visit the Rutgers University—New Brunswick Operating Status page to find information regarding emergencies, class cancellations, office closings, and more.

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Is there on-campus housing available for Winter Session?Expand

Yes, please visit Resident Life for information regarding on-campus housing during Winter Session. 

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Am I allowed to take more than one course during Winter Session?Expand

Students are not permitted to register for more than one Winter Session course regardless of credit amount. Students may request approval from their academic advisor and/or Dean to register for more than one Winter Session course.  

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Are activities free for students?Expand

Student activities are free for students registered for Winter Session courses. Activity listings and registration information can be found on the Winter Session activity calendar.



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Are student centers and libraries still open during Winter Session?Expand

Yes, both the student centers and the libraries are open during Winter Session on special schedules.  Visit the student affairs website for more information about student center hours and the library's website to view winter hours of operation, search the library catalog, or find items placed on reserve.

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Can high school students register for Winter Session?Expand

High school students are not permitted to register for Winter Session courses. 

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Do I need to purchase a parking permit?Expand

If you plan to park on campus this winter, you must purchase a parking permit. Visit the Parking and Transportation office for more information.

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How do I calculate the tuition for Winter Session?Expand

The total cost for Winter Session courses is based on credit amount, offering school, and residency status. A full listing of tuition and fees can be found on the Tuition, Fees, and Payment page

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How do I confirm my registration?Expand

After registering for classes, students are required to complete the RUHere confirmation of attendance process. Students will need to log in to their myRutgers portal. Upon login, students will be prompted to confirm their attendance. Students who do not complete this process will be dropped from their registered courses. Visiting students must activate their NetIDs prior to completing this process.

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How do I know what the school, subject, course, section, and index numbers are?Expand

Please refer to the University Schedule of Classes sample graphic below to locate the school, subject, course, section, and index numbers. Undergraduate courses have a course number of 001 - 499. Graduate courses have a course number of 500 - 800.

Sample Course Code

How do I obtain my Winter Session grades?Expand

Course grades can be viewed online in the myRutgers portal

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How do I obtain the course syllabus?Expand

Syllabuses may be requested from course offering departments. Contact information for Academic Departments can be found at search.rutgers.edu

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I am a student visiting from another college. Do I need to provide my academic transcripts and/or an approval letter from my home institution?Expand

Visiting Students are not required to provide any documentation from their home institution. Visiting students are responsible for determining that they completed the necessary prerequisites before registering. Prerequisites are listed on the Online Schedule of Classes.

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I am taking an online course. Will I be required to come to campus for exams?Expand

Online courses do not require in-class meetings unless otherwise noted on the Online Schedule of Classes.

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Is financial aid available for Winter Session?Expand

Please check with the Office of Financial Aid for any questions regarding aid.

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What is the grading structure for Winter Session courses?Expand

Visit the Rutgers Policy Library for the grading policy 10.2.2.

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When do final exams take place for Winter Session?Expand

Final exams typically take place on the last day of class for Winter Session. However, you should check with the instructor/course syllabus to obtain the final exam schedule.

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Where can I get a student ID card?Expand

Please visit the Business Services website to obtain a student ID card.

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