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I am taking an online course. Will I be required to come to campus for exams?Expand

It varies but most online courses are 100% online. Please check the Schedule of Classes for specific information and requirements. 

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Is financial aid available for Winter Session?Expand

Please check with the Office of Financial Aid for any questions regarding aid.

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What is a full-time academic load for Winter Session?Expand

A full-time academic load in Winter Session is a single course. Individuals who want to take more than one course in Winter Session must secure approval from their academic advisor or dean and present it in writing to the registrar. School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) students may only seek approval if dates are non-overlapping, and the total number of academic credits for the two courses is three or fewer.

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What is a NetID?Expand

To establish your Rutgers email address and gain access to many of the electronic services available to winter session students, you must activate your NetID.

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What is my Personal Access Code (PAC)?Expand

Your PAC is a 4-digit code made up by the month and day of your birthday (e.g. August 31 = 0831).

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What is the grading structure for Winter Session courses?Expand

Visit the Rutgers Policy Library for the grading policy 10.2.2.

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When do final exams take place for Winter Session?Expand

Final exams typically take place on the last day of class for Winter Session. However, you should check with the instructor/course syllabus to obtain the final exam schedule.

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Where can I get a student ID card?Expand

Please visit the Business Services website to obtain a student ID card.

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Where do I purchase books for my course?Expand

Visit the official university book store to order required textbooks for your winter courses.

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